Underwater Video & Photography Gear

The JJCAC utilizes an  variety of AV apparatus while conducting underwater photographic and video studies of fish behavior. The following is a list of the equipment currently operated by the Club.

Under water Viewing  System: Aqua-vu DT series system w/ 120 ft cable. Funding for this item was secured through a JJC Beverage Grant.

Aqua-vu Accessories: Hand held DVR with 2.0 GB SD card, stand, 15 ft manipulation arm.

Video Equipment: Sony TVR22 mini DV digital camcorder.

Photographic  Equipment: Cannon S30 Powershot digital cameral (3.2 Mpix), mini tripod


A/V Accessories:  Action 3517 portable B/W TV w/ 4 way power, assorted A/V cables and a splitter.

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Welcome to Underwater Video and Photography!

The 'Guest Clips' page was recently updated with new footage!!
How can we become better anglers? You'd probably receive as many different answers to this question as times you asked it, but one thing each response would have in common is that: as anglers, we need to better understand the behavior of our quarry if we are to be successful in catching them. With this truism in mind, the JJCAC is conducting an ongoing underwater investigation into the feeding behavior of our most common native species - with the ultimate goal of this project being to gain insight into relevant aspects of these species feeding behaviors.

The results of the underwater video and photography studies conducted by the JJCAC, as well as a number clips and images submitted by guest contributors, may be viewed at the dedicated pages linked below. In each case the 'lessons' learnt from viewing each clip are also discussed - some real eye opening stuff! If you have any questions regarding this project; would like to become involved in such studies; or have underwater images or video clips you would like to share, please feel free contact contact us. Enjoy!

Aquaria studies - Pan fish
Most investigations conducted to date have been of bluegill and shiner behavior. Typically, footage is shot 'through the glass' using either the TVR22 camcorder or the S30 camera.

Aquaria studies - Larger species 
Investigations to date have focused on the feeding behavior of bass and carp, although a series of studies featuring catfish are to be undertaken shortly. Typically, footage is shot 'through the glass' using either the TVR22 camcorder or the S30 camera.

Field studies - Pan fish
Sunfish, which inhabit the margins of most bodies of fresh water, are the focus of these studies. A variety of footage has been recorded from both aquatic and terrestrial vantage points using pretty much every piece of equipment at our disposal!

Field studies - Larger species  
The larger species have proven to be somewhat elusive during the handful of occasions we have sought to record their behaviors. Be sure to watch this space for updates - it's only a matter of time before we get some of these guys on tape!

Guest Contributors' Clips and Links
A huge thanks to the anglers who have forwarded their own clips and pics - much appreciated! Links to a variety of sites that also feature underwater footage of fish behavior are included.