Welcome to the Guests' Clips Page!

A huge thanks to the anglers who have forwarded their own video clips - much appreciated! Guests' Clips have been divided into three sections: Pan Fish, Sport Fish, Carp and Others, as well as a dedicated Links section back to the contributors own sites. In each case, some useful commentary, aimed at the bank angler wishing to understand their quarry better, is included. Links to a variety of sites that also feature underwater footage of fish behavior are included at the end of this section. If you have recorded some underwater footage and would like to share it via this page, please feel free to drop Pat an e-mail detailing your footage (which may also be forwarded as an attachment).

Each video clip is included as a hyperlink. Your computer's movie player should open and play the clip when its respective picture is clicked. A good tip is to have your player in 'skin' (reduced size) mode  - then you can read the description and see the video all at once. The clip's format and size is disclosed in the description pane.

If you are having problems with the larger clip(s) not playing, right click on the picture and select 'Save Target As..' Your computer will then download the clip to your hard drive, which will allow for smoother playback. The windows media player is recommended to view the clips. It may be downloaded free of charge here:

Pan Fish

Watch as a green eared sun fish appears from the gloom to take a jigged worm. The movement of the bait triggers the fish.
Clip courtesy of Oz
(MPEG, 725 kB)
  The importance of using fresh live bait is shown here - watch the gill spit out some dead spikes in favor of a live worm.
Clip courtesy of Oz
(MPEG, 2.79 MB)
This clip shows how pan fish quickly become competitive for loose fed food items.
Clip courtesy of Oz
(MPEG, 3.47 MB)
Those twitchy 'gills from the above clip are back - this time watch how jigging once again does the trick.
Clip courtesy of Oz
(MPEG, 2.23 MB)
The effectiveness of goading a fish into striking through jigging a bait is demonstrated once again in this clip.
Clip courtesy of Oz
(MPEG, 582 kB)
An nice clip of roach (shiners) browsing for food in a small river.

Clip courtesy Jeffish.co.uk
(DivX, 8.65 MB)
Another  nice clip of roach (shiners) browsing for food in a flooded river.

Clip courtesy Jeffish.co.uk
(WMV, 3.9 MB)

Sport Fish

An awesome clip of a smallish pike attempting to eat a very similar sized trout!

Clip courtesy Jeffish.co.uk
(WMV, 2.77 MB)
  Another great clip from Jeffish showing a large Grayling taking spikes.

Clip courtesy Jeffish.co.uk
(WMV, 3.3 MB)
An nice clip of a pike swimming with other fish in a small river.

Clip courtesy Jeffish.co.uk
(WMV, 2.67 MB)

Carp & Others

A great clip of a good sized carp browsing the bottom for food items.

Clip courtesy Jeffish.co.uk
(WMV, 1.47 MB)
  Another great clip from Jeffish showing a large carp cruising.

Clip courtesy Jeffish.co.uk
(WMV, 1.37 MB)
Another nice clip from Jeffish, this time of a carp swimming with roach in a small river.

Clip courtesy Jeffish.co.uk
(WMV, 1.81 MB)
  More from our friends at Jeffish, this time of a carp churning up the bottom.

Clip courtesy Jeffish.co.uk
(WMV, 1.00 MB)
A favorite clip from our friends at Jeffish, this one of a carp warily eying a potential meal before taking it.

Clip courtesy Jeffish.co.uk
(WMV, 0.97 MB)