The Great Bobber Challenge


Is this guy crazy? Take the Great Bobber Challenge and find out!

Typical Bobber


 Thill style float


What is the Great Bobber Challenge?

Simply, the The Great Bobber Challenge (GBC) is a series of three  bank fishing competitions between Patrick (left), the JJCAC founder, and up to two GBC entrants. The winner of each match is decided on the total weight of all fish caught. If a GBC entrant beats Pat's weight two out of three times they win a $100 prize, if they win one out of the three matches a $25 prize is awarded.

What's the motivation?

Pat's premise is that a 'Thill' or Euro style float rig will out-fish a standard bobber rig most of the time. However, to prove a point one is often forced to 'put their money where their mouth is'. This is one of those times! Thus, entrants in the challenge must utilize standard 1 inch or greater diameter bobbers in their rigs, while Pat will primarily use Thill style floats.

Who can enter the GBC? Where are the events held?

Any non-professional angler over the age of 18 years may enter the GBC. The GBC will take place during scheduled JJCAC match Group events. A full listing of the season's events may be viewed at the calendar page.

What are the rules?

The rules are an adaptation of the Illinois DNR fishing regulations, as used by the JJCAC and other Chicagoland bankfishing clubs (Open division version) during bank fishing tournaments. The only differences for the GBC are that Pat and the GBC entrant(s) must fish next to (i.e. within 15 yards of) one another, and that the GBC entrant(s) must use 1 inch or greater diameter bobbers in their rigs.

What is the Entry fee?

A flat entry fee of $20 is charged for the three match series. This one time charge includes optional keepnet rental. However, if the GBC entrant(s) elect to join the JJC Anglers Club these fees are waived.

Questions? Where do I sign up!?

If you wish to sign up for the challenge, or have any additional questions regarding the GBC please contact Patrick.