Borrowing DVDs

The Club's DVDs are available for loan to club members and friends of the club.

Up to three Titles at a time may be borrowed for up to two weeks free of charge. All that is required is a $5 per DVD security deposit.

If you are interested in borrowing any of the Club's DVDs, please feel free so contact Pat in order to arrange a pick up.

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Caution: Most DVDs owned by the club are in the European PAL format, so do not typically play on standard American (NTSC) DVD players. This topic is discussed, and solutions offered, below:

  About DVD Format

There are two solutions that solve the PAL - NTSC format issue with regards to DVDs originating from Europe:

The DVDs may be viewed on a computer equipped with a DVD drive and appropriate viewing software. One of the best software packages available is PowerDVD, which is available free of charge as a trial version or for less that $10 for the actual software title itself.

If you do not have access to a computer with a DVD drive, an alternate option is to purchase a region free DVD player with built in PAL - NTSC converter, or a stand alone PAL - NTSC converter. These items are available on-line, with one of the better companies being International Electronics, based in Elk Grove, IL. I personally own  a modified JVC model DVD player supplied from this company and have experienced no problems with it.

Questions about Electronics?

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e-mail Pat

Copyright Disclaimer:

The DVDs owned by the club are for the non-profit utilization by it's members and/or friends of the Club
. Club owned copies are not to be duplicated or in any way otherwise disseminated. The DVDs are not available for loan to, or are to be viewed by, the general public.


Welcome to The Video Vault

Welcome to the Video Vault! The JJCAC owns a varied collection of both  educational and entertainment based fishing DVDs, most of which are bank fishing oriented titles imported directly from the United Kingdom.

The Club's DVD collection, described in detail below, features a carefully selected range of materials that, in turn,  closely mirror the styles and techniques employed by bank anglers throughout the USA. Thus, the material covered within these resources make for an absolute  'goldmine' of information for anglers wishing to improve their skills.

The JJCAC's DVDs are available to loan to club members and friends of the club (see left side bar), while Club sponsored 'Movie Nights', held during the winter months, feature the showing and discussion of the more popular titles. Details on Show times (Jan - March) can be found at the calendar page.

The following Titles are currently owned by the JJCAC:

'The Method' (a modified sinker approach) is simply the most easily learned and most effective technique for catching larger bottom feeders such as catfish, carp and drum.
In his Guide to Method Fishing, four time world bankfishing champion Bob Nudd demonstrates how the 'Method' is used - while catching a massive ~ 80 pound weight of carp from a retention pond in just a few short hours! A must see for cat and carp anglers.


In this more detailed (than the above) Title, England International Dave Harrell demonstrates how different types of swimfeeders (modified sinkers), including the 'method feeder', may be used to catch large bags of bottom feeding species.
Swimfeeder Fishing for Carp should probably be viewed after Bob Nudd's Guide to Method Feeder Fishing, as it features slightly more advanced material.


The Whip, referred to as a crappie pole this side of the 'pond', is simply a cane, glass fiber or carbon fiber pole of between 10 and 20+ feet in length that is, in turn, most often employed to catch large numbers of pan fish from the margins of lakes, rivers and ponds.
In his Guide to Whip Fishing,
four time world bankfishing champion Bob Nudd demonstrates how to go about catching greater than 60 fish per hour using this simple, yet devastatingly effective, technique.


You've seen those 'TG Wagglers' and other Thill style floats in tackle stores, right? If you have ever wondered how to use these floats effectively, look no further than Waggler Fishing on Still Waters from England International Dave Harrell.
Dave shows how fish of all sizes may be captured at ranges of up to 30+ yards using waggler style floats. A must see if you want to succeed with the similar Thill style wagglers available from most tackle stores!


Still Water Coarse Fishing by England International angler Will Raison follows the Star on a trip to his home lake of Gold Valley.  Raison employs similar waggler techniques to those demonstrated in Dave Harrell's Waggler Fishing on Still Waters and, as a result, the two Titles are in may ways comparable.
Again, a great source of information for those getting to grips with Thill style floats. This Title will not play on a computer w/ DVD drive.

An oldie but a goodie! Follow John Wilson as he heads out to his local river in search of a variety of hard fighting species. Wilson uses a range of familiar equipment, similar to what can be picked up at a typical US tackle store, in his quests - and is very successful too!
Go Fishing is a great video, showing just what can be accomplished with the most rudimentary of gear - a great Title for those just starting out on there bank fishing careers.
How to Take Up Coarse Fishing is great title for those interested in starting bankfishing (the American version of coarse fishing). Float fishing with 'Thill' style floats is covered, all the way up from the very basics through to some real fish catching tricks and details. Sinker fishing is also covered in a similar fashion. A great Title for those who want to quickly catch good numbers of fish from the bank.
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Additional Titles Held by the Club

The following Titles are also owned by the club, but are intended for the more advanced bank or match angler. The previously stated regulations apply, with regard to the loaning of these materials, and are outlined in the above side bar. Be sure to contact Pat if you are looking to borrow DVD(s) or have any questions about them.

Carp Fishing on the Pole - the preferred  'big fish' technique of the match angler, as demonstrated by England international Dave Harrell.
An excellent instructional piece for match anglers of all skill levels.
Four-time world champion Bob Nudd's Fishing Masterclass is really a collection of three separate pole fishing Titles: Carp and Tench on the Pole, Lake Fishing, and Pole Fishing. A great set for those wishing to improve their pole fishing skills!
In Pole Fishing on Rivers, Dave Harrell takes us to the famed river Trent in Nottingham for a look at how to fish the pole in both deep and shallow river swims.
Great for anglers who like to pole fish on moving water.
Commercial Sense 2 follows 'bag 'in machine' Jamie Masson and friends through a pair of 5 hour matches on a commercial fishery. Aside from a few obvious plugs for Maver products (it's a Maver DVD after all!), its a great Title for those who target carp and other species on the pole.
An Introduction to Match Fishing - great for anyone thinking of  taking their bankfishing to a competitive level. The Title is a compilation of 5 other Dave Harrell DVDs, so providing an excellent overview of the competitive aspects of our sport for those already familiar with the fundamentals.