The educational materials presented here are tailored towards either bank anglers, whom may be new to our great sport and beginning from a 'blank slate'; or more traditional boat anglers interested in boosting their catches through learning more about  bank fishing specific strategies. Experienced bank anglers may also wish to visit these resources from time to time, as they make for a great review of  essential bankfishing philosophy, strategies, methods and tactics.

The articles published here are typically modified versions of copies that have been accepted for publication within popular angling publications, such as the Outdoor Notebook or Midwest Outdoors; while the photo features comprise pictorial, story board style pieces that, in turn, are geared towards introducing anglers to specific methods and tactics (float fishing, swimfeeder fishing etc.).

The presentations included here comprises copies of PowerPoint resources which have, in turn, formed the centerpiece of various angling seminars, such as JJCAC Club sponsored events and the Lockport Fishing Show.



Title: Bank Fishing 101: A Beginners Guide to Modern Bank Angling
Published: A published book
Abstract: A book largely comprised of the articles listed immediately below. The paperback version of Bank Fishing 101 may be acquired either through the JJC Anglers section of this webpage or downloaded for free as a .pdf file (8.10 MB).
Title: Photo Feature
Big River Fishing: The Swimfeeder
Abstract: Our first Photo Feature detailing how Club members utilized swimfeeder techniques to capture better than 90 pounds of fish from the Illinois River at Ottawa, IL
  Title: Photo Feature
Springtime Lake Fishing: Pole v Swimfeeder
Abstract: Detailed Photo Feature illustrating how both pole and swimfeeder methods are best employed when lake fishing during early Springtime conditions.
Title: Photo Feature
Lakes and Ponds - Float Fishing for Pan Fish & Bass Fishing
with a Difference
Abstract: A detailed Photo Feature detailing how members of the JJCAC utilized Thill style waggler floats in pursuit of pan fish and bass from a Joliet area retention pond.
  Title: Fishing With The Family
Published: Outdoor Notebook
Abstract: A great article for parents looking to get some good pointers on how to teach their kids to fish.
Title: Bankfishing Revisited
Published: Outdoor Notebook
Abstract: A somewhat nostalgic piece that relates the excitement of childhood bankfishing experiences to those experienced in later years. A good introduction to modern bank fishing philosophy and methods.
Title: Bank Fishing's Top Five Strategies and Secrets: Part 1
Published: Outdoor Notebook
Abstract: A detailed review of bankfishing philosophy, with particular attention paid to "knowing what's there",  in terms of the types and numbers of fish species typically encountered during a bank fishing expedition.
Title: Bank Fishing's Top Five Strategies and Secrets: Part 2
Published: Outdoor Notebook
Abstract: A review of bankfishing methods and tactics, with particular attention paid to understanding how successful angling methods are related to specific fish behaviors. Includes underwater video footage!
Title: Bankfishing 101: Catching More Bluegills From Your Local Pond
Published: Outdoor Notebook
Abstract: An in-depth article detailing how to catch good numbers of bluegill and other pan fish from retention ponds and other urban waters. Tackle, bait, as well as fishing and feeding strategies, are discussed.
Title: Versatility the Key to Good Catches
Published: Outdoor Notebook
Abstract: Article detailing a trip members of the JJC Anglers Club made to the Illinois River at Ottawa, IL. Various methods employed on the day ensured a good and varied catch of fish.
Title: Hot Tips For Cold Weather
Published: Midwest Outdoors
Abstract: Fish location strategies and tackle tips for fishing in cold weather are discussed.
Title: Review of Bank Fishing Methods and Equipment
Published: Not Published
Abstract: A review of bankfishing methods and equipment, with a focus on the types of fishing gear utilized by Midwestern match anglers. This document was originally put together as a tackle buying guide for a popular fishing store in NY State.
Title: Pole Fishing
Published: CAG Magazine
Abstract: A great guest article, submitted by Attila Agh, featuring an overview of pole fishing. Thanks Attila!

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Title: Catch More From Local Waters (MS PowerPoint Presentation, 3.31 MB)
Presented:  JJC Anglers Club Meeting
Abstract: A review of Bankfishing methods and tactics
Title: Catch More Fish: Bank Fishing Strategies and Secrets (MS PowerPoint Presentation, 4.42 MB)
Presented: JJC Anglers Club Meeting
Abstract: An updated  review of Bankfishing methods and tactics

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