Pat’s Bio

Name: Patrick Mills

Occupation: Professor of Chemistry and  Faculty Advisor to the  JJC Anglers Club at Joliet Junior College; Technical Consultant to Patti, Hewitt & Arezina LLC; and inventor of the BiosourceTM fish attractant.

: 30 something

Hometown: Plainfield, IL

Family: Wife, young son and daughter. Mom and brother live in England

Best Tournament win: 2005 US Open Bank Fishing Champion.

Best Fish: 20.14 carp, Chicago Lakefront

Best Bag: 93 pounds of carp, Lily Cache Greenway, Bolingbrook, IL

Favorite Fishing Gadget: Humminbird wireless fish finder

Favorite Venues: Barth Pond, Downers Grove, IL and Illinois River, Starved Rock State Park, Utica, IL

Favorite Fish Species: Grass Carp, Common Carp or anything 'exotic'.

Other Interests: Science, Education & teaching, Web site design, 80's music and Juggling (yes, juggling!)

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Welcome to Pat's Patch

Welcome back 'Patch' regulars - be sure to watch for future site additions and upgrades! The 'Patch' is "an angling web site devoted to the free exchange of bank fishing & match angling strategies and ideas"

The resources at this site are primarily aimed at the American angler interested in increasing his or her catch rate through learning more about  bank and match fishing methods and tactics. 

Please feel free to explore the topics discussed below, ask or respond to questions at the Forum, or even sign up for a seminar, fish-in or match at the  Calendar page.

Tackle box  A guide to the essential, 'cool' and just plain whacky items of equipment that fellow bank fishers and I either use or have used during our time bank fishing in the Midwest. A great place to pick up hints and tips with regard to selecting tackle suitable for bank fishing.

Groundbait (chum)  One of the major keys to successful bank angling is to attract as many fish as possible into the area an angler is fishing. This goal is best achieved through the introduction of groundbait (chum), which, in turn, helps to both attract and then establish a competitive feeding environment among the angler's intended quarry. Simply, the the objective is to introduce enough groundbait to keep the fish interested, while also being careful not to over feed the fish present. The groundbait section provides information outlining how this task can be achieved. Download a beginners 'how to' groundbait guide here.

Baits and Bait making   This section of the 'Patch' is a place where interested anglers may either learn more about specific bank fishing baits, or help to educate others within our sport by forwarding their own recipes and/or bait tips. Specifically, sections are devoted to general tips, as well as the preparation and use of natural live baits, seeds, 'boilies' and paste (stink) baits.

Articles Check out articles written for various major angling publications, including The Outdoor Notebook (regular columnist) and Midwest Outdoors. Topics covered include: Catching more bluegills from your local pond: general tips for bobber fishing and Hot Tips for Cold Weather and many more. Links to bankfishing presentations (PowerPoint format), as well as the our Bank Fishing 101 book, are also included.

The Great Bobber Challenge!  The Great Bobber Challenge is a series of three bank fishing competitions in which up to two entrants can each win up to $100 prize money - click on the bobber to find out more!