A message from the President

The Joliet Junior College Anglers Club (JJCAC) provides something for everybody with an interest in angling. The club, which is a non-profit organization, is open to JJC students, faculty, staff, and members of the general public. In addition to being able to take part in any Club organized event (as outlined below), active Club members are also entitled to a variety of complementary fishing goodies, as well as a copy of the Club's most recent publication, 'Bankfishing 101'.

For those  mainly interested in fishing socially, we organize regular friendly get-togethers, or 'Fish-ins'. Additionally, the club also organizes on the bank 'Teach-ins', which follow the same format as our fish-ins, but also feature demonstrations of popular bank angling techniques - a great place learn more about specific methods and tactics! For anglers looking for more of a challenge, we also run competitive bank fishing events which are, in turn, organized by the  JJCAC Match Group. Details on these and other scheduled events may be viewed at the calendar page.

The JJCAC is especially welcoming of families, with one of our main goals being to involve as many children and young adults as possible within our great sport. To this end, the JJCAC helps organize a summer fishing camp each year in collaboration with the Joliet Park District, with the focus being to teach new anglers the fundamentals of angling, and then have each participant catch a good number of (maybe even including their first!) fish. Gear is available to loan to new anglers, especially youngsters, with, as mentioned above, active members eligible to receive a 'goodie bag' of essential tackle, courtesy of the Club.

For anglers wishing to develop a deeper understanding of their chosen quarry, the JJCAC runs a variety of education based projects. Regular 'Movie Nights' are held during the cooler months, with the instructional titles shown also available for loan to Club members. For those interested in learning more through the reading of fishing articles, and/or viewing other media, these resources can be found at the Reference Materials page. Finally, during the Spring months the Club also focuses on the recording (and later interpreting) the feeding behaviors of fish - both in the wild and under controlled conditions. The results of these studies can be viewed at the underwater video and photography page. The underwater footage of fish taking actual anglers baits is a real 'eye opener'!

For anglers interested in exploring new fishing spots in and around the Chicagoland area, details pertaining to a variety locations can be viewed at the venue information and reports page - this resource includes maps, directions and a rating scale for each venue listed. Additionally, as mentioned above, details on scheduled JJCAC events may be viewed at the calendar page.

Visitors to this site should feel free to explore the remainder of the dedicated links listed at the JJCAC home page, or the Bankfisher home page- each provides access to a specific area of interest within the club. Should you have any questions regarding the JJCAC, our  activities, or would perhaps like to join our ranks, please feel free to contact any of the club's officers - see the side bar at the JJCAC home page for pertinent contact information, or simply click here to send an e-mail directly to the Club advisor. For those interested in joining or finding out more about how the Club operates, membership information and a copy of the Club's charter may be viewed at the JJCAC documents page.

Tight Lines

Saul Ornelas, Jr., President
Patrick Mills, Faculty Advisor