Free Stuff Inventory

JJCAC student members in good standing (those who have previously attended at least one other Club event) are eligible to receive a 'goodie bag' containing  items from the 'Free Stuff' inventory, while supplies last(!),  shown immediately below.
Not a Club member? If you are interested in joining the JJCAC, please check the Documents Page for details on joining.

In-line Method Feeders
These modified sinkers are attached to the line and fished in the same way as a conventional egg sinker. However, the coil surrounding the lead is packed with a firm chum which, in turn, attracts fish. A noted big fish technique, the 'method' is an excellent way for newer anglers to catch good numbers of larger catfish and/or carp.
Club members are eligible to receive three method feeders free of charge. Additional feeders, as well as all additional items from this inventory, can be purchased through the 'Buy Stuff ' inventory.
Groundbait Feeders
Groundbait feeders are fished in a similar way to the 'method feeder', but are more suited to rivers as the chum will wash out of the feeder and, consequently, over the hookbait. Good for cats and carp, but also catches other bottom feeders, like drum, pan fish and suckers too. Club members receive two groundbait feeders free of charge.
Bank Sticks and Rod Rest Heads
Tired of hunting for a 'V' shaped stick to prop your rod up with every time you go fishing? These two items make this time consuming  task a thing of the past - just screw the head into the stick, then push into the ground. A front and back rest means the rod can be placed at a comfortable height right next to the angler, which makes for both a comfortable and efficient set up. Club members receive two bank sticks and two rod rest heads free of charge.
Keep Net and Bank Stick
A keep net is a long, soft mesh 'sausage' shaped net. It is used to safely keep live fish in during an angling session. Keep nets are great if you want to keep your catch in tip-top condition while you continue to fish; while they are also essential for catch and release matches, where the anglers total weight of live fish is weighed at the end of competition. Club members receive one keep net and one dedicated bank stick free of charge.
One of the keys to successful bank angling is knowing the exact depth of water where one is fishing. These handy plummets, which simply attach to the hook, allow the depth to be found quickly and efficiently with any float (bobber) set up. Club members receive two plummets free of charge.
Disgorgers easily remove hooks from fish that have swallowed the bait. Two sizes are available - large (for hooks > size14) and small (for hooks < size14). Disgorgers also come in the 'Slamo' variety, a wonderful device that adeptly  removes hooks from the deepest hooked fish. Club members receive one large and one small regular/slamo combo disgorger free of charge.
Bait Catapult
Sometimes we are required to fish some distance out from the bank. Bait catapults allow the angler to fire samples of hook bait or chum into the fishing area in order to attract fish. Club members receive one bait catapult free of charge.

Club T-shirts and  Baseball Caps
Club T-shirts bearing the JJCAC 'Angler Fish'  logo. Available in white or grey, sizes L or XL. Club baseball hats, available in 'one size fits all', and also bear the JJCAC logo. Club members receive one T-shirt, of their choice of size and color, and one baseball hat free of charge.
Tackle Boxes
Tackle boxes donated to the Club by Plano for help organizing, in collaboration with STARnet, the Family Fun Day at Pilcher Park in the Spring of 2005. Two sizes are available, large and small. Club members receive one large and one small tackle box free of charge.


Stuff For Loan Inventory

JJCAC members and 'Friends of the Club' (folks who may fish their first JJCAC event free of charge in contemplation of joining) are welcome to borrow any of the items detailed in the 'Stuff for Loan' inventory shown below. These items are typically loaned out during JJCAC events and transported to the venue by Club officials. However, please contact Pat to ensure, before attending an event, that the item(s) you wish to use are available.

Free Stuff Inventory items

All items from the Free Stuff inventory may be brought to Club events and are available for loan to Club members and Friends of the Club
. To ensure you'll be able to use any of these items, please
contact Pat with your requests several days before the associated event is scheduled to take place.
Bankfishing DVDs

The JJCAC's burgeoning collection of bankfishing DVDs, which are shown during 'Movie Nights' over the Winter months, are also available to loan to Club members and Friends of the Club. Full details can be found at the dedicated Video Vault page.
Crappie Poles and Rigs
During Family oriented fishing events the Club's dozen or so Crappie poles, equipped with appropriate rigs, are loaned out to Friends of the Club,  typically families with young children looking to catch their first fish - it's really cool when they do! Be sure to confirm with Pat if you are bringing children to a JJC event - we'll be sure to bring these for them to try!
9  Meter (30 ft!) Fishing Pole
Aimed at adults wishing to try pole fishing, Club Advisor Pat freely loans out and helps instruct interested parties in the use of this robust 9 meter long pole. The pole is rigged with a stout shock absorbing elastic and can handle fish to 10 pounds +. Nothing beats catching a real whopper on the pole - well worth a try! Be sure to confirm with Pat if you want to give this one a go.
13 ft Float Rod
Great for anyone wishing to try float (bobber) fishing beyond ~15 yards out. The increased length of the rod allows 'Thill' style wagglers to be utilized as they were so designed - fishing at up to 35 yards from shore. Be sure to confirm with Pat if you want to give this one a go.

Floats (bobbers), Swimfeeders and other Assorted Terminal Tackle
You name it - Club Advisor Pat probably has some spare bank fishing 'bits 'n bobs' (such as swimfeeders, hooks, floats etc.) hanging around his basement. Check with Pat via e-mail to see what's available for loan from is aging  stash of personal gear!


Stuff For Sale Inventory

Any and all items from the Free Stuff inventory may be purchased by interested parties. As discussed at the Equipment and Merchandise page, these items are sold at close to cost price as possible in order to promote interest in, as well as further the  advancement of, bank angling.
All proceeds from the sale of equipment are paid into the JJCAC's earned account. These monies are subsequently used to fund Club run activates. The JJCAC in a non - profit organization. Thank you for supporting the JJCAC!

If you cannot find what you are looking for, or we do not have any items of that type remaining, try Wacker Baits of Oak Park, IL - they carry a good selection of similar equipment and run an efficient mail order program.


1. Select the number and type of items you wish to order from the list shown below (full descriptions of each item can be found at the Club's 'Free Stuff' inventory)
2. Total the cost of your items. Add $2 P&P for orders under $15, or $4 P&P for orders over $15. Minimum order $10 (before P&P).

3. E-mail Pat with any questions and to confirm price and availability of your selected items - there a limited stock (we are NOT a commercial outlet)

4. Make your check for the total amount + P&P payable to 'Joliet Junior College'.

5. Mail Your Check to:

Dr. Patrick Mills, JJCAC Advisor
Joliet Junior College, Rm. E 2010
1215 Houbolt Road
Joliet, IL, 60431-8938

6. Your order will be processed and sent out to you within 3 - 4 working days.


Method Coils
Price: $2 each or $5 for three

Limit: Three per order

Price: $1.50 each

Limit: Three per order
Groundbait Feeders
Price: $2 each or $5 for three

Limit: Three per order
Price: $2 each or $5 for three  - large or small combo (state type(s) required)

Limit: Three per order
Bank Sticks
: $5 each

Limit: Two per order
Rod Rest Heads
: $2.50 each

Limit: Two per order
Bait Catapult
Price: $5 each

Limit: One per order
Keep Nets
Price: $20 each (or $25 w/ bank stick)

Limit: One per order
JJCAC T-shirts and Caps

T- shirts: $5 ea. (state size and color)

Baseball caps: $10 ea.