JJCAC Match Group Competition Rules - Formal Match Fishing Events

1) Pegs/flags (fishing location markers) shall be 10-20 yards apart and must be staked out by club officers and numbered prior to drawing associated peg numbers.

2) A random draw for pegs will begin at least 1 hour before the start of fishing. Anglers may go to their pegs after the draw is completed.

3) During the preparation time competitors may set up their gear, test their rigs, and plumb the depth. No feeding/chumming is allowed during this time. Hooks must not be baited. "Hummingbird" type devices may be used during the set up period, but not once the match itself has started.

4) Groundbait/chum may be thrown in by hand, by catapult, throwing sticks, bait droppers, bait cups, and swim feeders. No bait shall be introduced with a pole cup or bait dropper attached to an extra rod or pole while continuing to fish. Bait limits may be introduced at the discretion of the organizers/club officials, with special notice to be posted in advance, within the rules, for any respective event.

5) Anglers must be positioned not farther than 1 yard to either side from their peg/flag marker. Anglers may not move their peg/flag. An angler may fish as far as half the distance between their peg/flag and the pegs on either side.

6) Wading is not permitted more than 3 feet from the shore. Platforms and footplates must be positioned not more than 3 feet (measured from the front of the platform) from the shore (the shore is defined as the point where the water meets the bank itself).

7) Anglers will be restricted to the use of one rod or pole, one line, and a single plain hook at one time. An angler may have spare rods and poles assembled on the bank. Pole length limit is 13 meters maximum.

8) Ledgering, feeder fishing, and hair rigging are allowed . Any natural bait can be used except live or dead fish. Artificial baits, lures and jigs are not allowed.

9) A competitor must strike, play and land his/her own fish. No physical help is allowed. An angler under the age of 13 require adult supervision.

10) Competitors are to start fishing at the start signal (there is no pre-feeding time in any matches) and must stop fishing when the end of the match is signaled, all lines must be immediately removed from the water by this time. Fish hooked before the final signal must be landed within 10 minutes of the end of the match and do count towards the anglers’ total. Most matches will be of 4 hours duration, unless otherwise stated.

11) Anglers are responsible to keep their catch alive during the duration of the match. A keepnet* or a carp sack may be used. Any species of fish may be weighed. Any undersized or out of season fish must be released immediately and must not be placed in a keep net or other receptacle. Trout or salmon may be weighed only if the angler is in possession of a license stamp for trout or salmon.
*Keepnets may be available for loan from the competition organizers – please check in advance if a keepnet is required.

12) Weigh-in must be conducted by the match organizers/club match officials. All fish must be released after the weigh-in.

13) In case of any violation of the above rules, where a complaint is to be launched, it must be lodged to match organizers/club officials within 35 mins. of when the stop fishing signal was sounded, the decision of the match organizers/club officers will be final. Any complaints will not be dealt with after this time has elapsed.

14) Anglers shall at all times conduct themselves in a manner not prejudicial to the sport of competitive angling.

Liability Waiver: Anglers entering Joliet Junior College Anglers Club (JJCAC) and/or JJCAC Match Group events do so at their own risk. The JJCAC, JJCAC Match Group and/or its representatives may not be held responsible for any injury sustained by any participant during any JJCAC or JJCAC Match Group organized event.