Naperville Narrows

Date: 8/20/06

Time: 8:45 - 12:45 am

Weather: Low- mid 80's, partial cloud, wind NNE 5-10 mph

Section winner:
Paul Wells (below)

Big Bag winner:
Pat Mills (by default)

Peg Angler Total weight (lb.oz)  Big Fish (lb.oz)
1   Paul Wells 43.13 22.8(!)
2   Tracy Jordan 5.4 DNW
3   Patrick Mills 21.4 DNW
4   Dara Finnegan 12.2 DNW
5   Art Remus 14.11 DNW
6   Trevor Burgess 19.4 DNW
7   Bob Andrews 7.2 DNW

Pat's Notes: The venue did not disappoint and threw up it's usual carp and/or 'gill bags, with anglers fishing exclusively for either of these species being well rewarded. Paul Wells destroyed the field from peg #1 with a massive 43.13 lb catch of carp, including a 22.8 pound beast(!). Trevor Burgess also fished for the bug'uns and finished in 3rd place with several nice carp for 19.4 lb. I concentrated on smaller fish and sneaked second place with a hard earned 21.4 lb bag of 'gills and other assorted 'silvers'. The wind was out of the NNE on the day and likely pushed the 'gills further out than usual, as a result they were hard to catch close in from the pegged (north) shore as they had settled over most anglers' long pole lines - this was somewhat frustrating for those fishing for carp at times! After a fruitless 30 mins. going for gills on the inside I eventually figured this out and switched to a 4.5 m whip (fishing at around 8 m). This did the trick for second spot overall.


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