Check out pictures of a variety spectacular catches, taken by JJCAC members and friends of the club, at the bragg'in board. Some unusual pictures captured by a variety of surprised anglers also appear at the "What the...." section!

Important: If you would like to add a picture to either the bragg'in board or the 'What the...' gallery please e-mail a copy of your picture(s) to the Club, along with a brief description of your catch.

All Gallery pictures are thumbnails, click on any picture for a better look!

Bragg' in Board

Wally's Monster

Club member Wally with a 40+ pound Grass carp.

Attila's Monster

Attila A's ~34 lb Carp, caught on a pole with size 16 hook!

Tony's PB

Tony F with a PB carp of 33+ lb, caught from the St. Joe River, IN.

Paul's Grassy

Paul Wells with a 22 lb Grass carp, caught during competition

Paul's 22

Paul Wells again, this time with a 22lb common carp!

Ozzzy's Koi

Oz with a nice Koi from a Chicago City Park

Pat's 19

Pat's best fish of 2006 - a 'baby' at only19 lb!

Gerald's Carp

Gerald with a fine 15 lb carp from a Chicago City pond

Tony's Cat

A nice cat on the method feeder for former Club president Tony S.

Dara's Lagooners

Dara F with a fine catch from Chicago's Lincoln Park

Peter's Lagooners

Peter Wolan with a match winning catch from Lincoln Park Lagoon

Max's Lagooners

Young Max Ford with an impressive catch from Lincoln Park Lagoon

Pat's Lagooners

A few 'baby' carp from the Lagoon for Pat...

Mark's River Carp

Mark Green with a fine catch of carp from the Fox river

9 for 56

Pat with 9 carp for 56 lb, caught form Central Park, Oakbrook.

47 pound catch

Mirek R with a 47 pound net of mostly carp from Spring Creek.

Elise's shiners

Elise D with aan impressive bag of shiners

Shiners close up

Elise's shiners close up

Penny's Catch

Penny S with a nice catch of River fish from the St. Joe.

Braidwood Bag

Tony S and Jim M with a good catch of carp from Braidwood Lake

Starved Rock

A 60 pound bag from the Illinois river below Starved Rock

Starved Rock Bag

A close up of Pat's Starved Rock catch

Chad's first!

A nice carp from a local retention pond for Chad Reno.

Elise's sucker

A nice sucker from the St. Joe river for Elise D

Libby's Carp

Libby S with a nice carp, caught during competition

Patrick's Pike

Young Patrick Zelco with a fine 7.5 lb Northern Pike

Fred's Winner!

A nice match winning carp for Fred Rhodes

Robert's Winner!

Robert K with a match winning fish - he and Fred R make a deadly duo!

The deadly Duo!

Fred and Robert with their 100+ lb match winning catch


"What the....."

River Redhorse

A River Redhorse sucker for's Corey G.

Shorthead Redhorse

A Shorthead Redhorse Sucker for Corey

Big Silver Redhorse

A nice silver redhorse sucker


A Northern Hogsucker this time for Corey.

Mississippi Moooneye

A nice mooneye from the Upper Missisippi

Smallmouth Buffalo

A nice Smallmouth Buffalo for Andy G.

Lake Sturgeon

A lake Sturgeon for Corey B, caught in the St. Croix


A Shovelnose Sturgeon from the Minnesota River

Shovel Close up

A close up of the Shovelnose

Got Gar?

Lee Young with a Gar fish, caught on the Fox chain,WI

Goldfish galore

John Wilkins with a nice catch of goldfish from the Lincoln Park Zoo pond.

Goldfish Close up

John's catch close up - what unwanted carnival prizes turn into?!


A common carp / fancy goldfish hybrid?

That's big!

A 50+ pound Grass carp from Indiana

We catch these too!

Club advisor Pat with a, err, a bass! We catch these too!

Catfish will eat anything 1

A confussed cat takes a beach ball!

Catfish will eat anything 2

Same cat swimming around

Catfish will eat anything 3

A good natured angler frees the cat


Sometimes we catch turtles by accident - they are released with no harm done

That's no catfish!

Club member Mike with a softshell turtle that took a bait intended for catfish

That's no carp!

Turtles like carp baits too it seems...

One for the tank

Club President Tony releases at carp into the Pilcher Park Nature Center tank

There be whales here

View from the JJC bridge. These are ~20+ lbs grass carp

Mob scene!

Here aprox. 20 carp mob a turtle


A large shoal of carp taking surface baits

I'm not bait!

This crawfish attacked an angler's bobber and would not let go!

Big Cat!

This ~600 pound cat (Wells) was caught in Europe.

Bigger Cat!

This 646 lb Mekong cat was caught in Thailand

Baby Mekong

This 'baby' Mekong cat weighed in at only ~150lb!

Don't try this at home


Old Chum...

This one speaks for itself

Chris' Snake

Chris, put that snake down!

Chris' Snake

I said put that snake down!!

Got Paco!?

An exotic Paco, caught by Friend of the Club Bill Tracy in TN

Another Piranha!

This one was caught by Rob K from Bear Lakes, IL