Free Stuff

JJCAC student members in good standing (those who have previously attended at least one other Club event) are eligible to receive a 'goodie bag' containing  items from the 'Free Stuff' inventory.

Borrowing Stuff

JJCAC members and 'Friends of the Club' (folks who may fish their first JJCAC event free of charge in contemplation of joining) are welcome to borrow any of the items detailed in the  'Stuff for Loan' inventory.
These items are typically loaned out during JJCAC events and transported to the venue by Club officials.

Buying Stuff

Items from the For Sale inventory may be purchased by interested parties. As discussed in the main pane, items are sold at close to cost price in order to promote interest in, as well as further the  advancement of, bank fishing nationwide.

Now What?

So, you've taken the plunge and acquired some new bankfishing 'gizmos', which, if implement correctly will really boost your catches. Now what? The best place to start would be to either:
Attend a Club event  or
Borrow some DVDs  or
Review some articles

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JJCAC Equipment and Merchandise

Background & Purpose

Within our angling world, which, as we know, is largely dominated by anglers equipped with high powered boats and sophisticated electronics, bankfishing would seem to be regarded as a somewhat less prestigious, secondary branch of our sport. This is largely true, but also highly ironic, as a competent bank angler will typically catch at least four to ten times the total weight of fish, over a similar period of time, than any tournament angler utilizing a $20,000+ boat equipped with all the associated electronic bells and whistles. 'That can't be right' you're saying. 'A picture speaks a thousand' words is my reply:


Dara Finnegan with an near 90 pound bag of carp (biggest 22lb), taken in ~ 3 hrs bankfishing a downtown Chicago location


Young angler Max Ford with a spectacular net of ~ 400+ pan fish, taken from a small retention lake in the Chicago suburbs

The anglers catches shown in the above photographs are great but not exceptional - total weights of excess of 100 pounds, as well as pan fish bags exceeding 500+ single fish, are regularly recorded each year nationwide during typical 4 hr bankfishing competitions. Indeed, the current 5 hr world bank fishing record stands at an amazing 414 pounds! When was the last time you saw 'Ike' or 'KVD' weigh in a 100+ pound sack of fish on ESPN's Bass Center?

With commercial considerations the way they are, it clearly pays manufacturers to promote sport (i.e. bass, walleye, musky etc) fishing, that in turn necessitates the use of expensive boats and electronics packages, at the expense of bank fishing (which is species non-specific and requires a much, much, smaller financial outlay). Thus, a trip to your local tackle store reveals this underlying economic reality - racks and racks of different manufacturers' bass rods, reels, lures and electronics. In contrast, only a small fraction of shelf space is devoted to items of use to the bank angler, such a 'Thill'style floats and smaller sized hooks and shot.  In order to address this imbalance, as is discussed below, one of the main goals of the JJCAC is to promote bankfishing through rendering the necessary equipment easily and cheaply available to both its members and the general public.

Show me the Gear

The JJCAC recognizes that new comers to our great sport are faced with something of an uphill battle when it comes finding and utilizing the specialized, yet easily affordable, equipment necessary to quickly become a successful bank angler. Thus, the JJCAC has assembled a substantial collection of appropriate items needed to achieve this goal. This inventory, which is accessible through the links shown below,  is comprised mostly of essential, hard to find pieces of equipment that are, typically, imported from the UK. Items are either: supplied to JJCAC members in good standing free of charge (Free Stuff); loaned out free of charge to members or friends of the Club at JJCAC events (Borrow Stuff); or made available for purchase to the general public at close to cost price (Buy Stuff).