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Our next event will be an informal fish in at Braidwood lake on October 1st
9/28/11: Our next event will be an informal fish in at Braidwood lake on sat. Oct. 1st - new members especially welcome! Check out details on all our events at the calendar page.
4/23/10: Former Club President Tony S bagged this 10+lb grass carp (part of an impressive 83 lb catch!) during the JJCAC's trip to the Illinois River on April 18th. Great going Tony!
4/13/10: FISH EYE! The Device shown here (attached to the Club's underwater camera) is the Fish Eye - a stabilization device that allows the camera to be used in flowing water and/ or over soft lake bottoms.

The Fish Eye was constructed in collaboration with the JJC Manufacturing Club.
3/26/07: The JJCAC's first Angling publication: 'Bank Fishing 101' is now available for free to Club members - just drop Pat an e-mail to arrange for pick up. However, for any other interested parties (including non-members) this publication may also be downloaded for free, please click here (.pdf, 8.10 MB).

6/7/04: We catch these too! Bankfisher isn't just about catching bluegills and carp - the bank fishing methods featured also work exceptionally well for stocked bass, catfish and trout. Bottom line is, if they are there we'll show ya how to catch 'em! The bass shown in the picture was part of an 13 fish catch taken over 4 hrs. from a small municipal pond.

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